Jazz Take A Long Road Trip Ride Home, Nuggets Up Next

Four games in five days means back to back to back to back games for the Jazz. But that is not an excuse only a reason. The reason why the Jazz gave up double digit leads, in practically identical first quarters of each of the last two games. Giving up 30 points to the Bulls and Raptors and scoring less than 18, and getting practically identical outcomes, 24 point losses (97-73 and 115-91 respectively). The reason, fatigue. The Jazz looked tired.

But this is the NBA, professional basketball. Where it is an honor to play. Where your job is to play a game, a sport, what could be better? Play your heart out, and win or lose, all is forgiven. Wrong! The Jazz need to do something different. Compete.

Up next, the 1-4 Denver Nuggets. Hopefully the Jazz can get re-energized at home. There are positives to take away. Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter can play. But the depleted bench needs to step up, find a way to help. I will chalk up the first quarter lags to road fatigue!

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