Petke gets punted from the Loons nest

Mike Petke leaves the pitch

TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN – Mike Petke showed one of his greatest attributes as a coach tonight, his emotional and personal investment in making Real Salt Lake a winning team.  Coach was ejected from tonight’s match against Minnesota United FC in the 52nd minute of play after MNUFC took the lead on an Ibson goal.  After listening what coach had to say and reviewing some of the images from the match, it looks like he may have a point with his comments. 

The tipping point came when Quintero went after Justen Glad before Ibson’s shot and according to Coach Petke, “he went for Justen not the ball … puts his arm up, knows him down” for the whole progression that led up to the goal.  

Well, he said it better than I can.


Here is what Mike Petke had to say to Brian Dunseth

Here is what Mike had to say before he talked to Brian

Mike Petke:You guys and not gonna ask me about the ejection you’re not gonna ask me anything,  I mean.
MG:Do you want to talk about it?
Mike Petke: Not now.  I mean ****  I mean, Schuller goes studs up this high on the side of Danny’s leg that’s what set me off for 20 minutes.
No **** VAR.
No review.
A **** Yellow Card and then Quintero **** runs looks straight at Justen Glad doesn’t play the ball at all, turns back puts his arm up knocks him down and he goes to the **** ear piece I mean you really don’t want to ask you about that.
Its **** unbelievable.
Where are I going.

Uncensored Audio of Mike Petke commenting on his ejection.


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