Fantasy Football drafts are in Prime Season

USN_Football_1_200x112Fantasy football drafts are in Prime season. I had 2 drafts this week. Every league has unique challenges and opportunities to use different strategies to be successful. The make-up of the owner’s in your league can change the way you select each position.

The first draft I was involved with had a PPR aspect to throw in some excitement. It involved a lot of owners who play fantasy football for a good time and to add some excitement to their weekly football watching. I had the 11th pick and was able to watch Eddie Lacy fall to me and follow that up with AJ Green on the wrap around. Obviously this is excellent value for a 12 team snake PPR league. The PPR aspect adds a great deal of value to top flight wr’s and rb’s who catch a lot of balls out of the back field. I used this to my advantage and stocked my top picks with Alshon Jeffery and Shane (I will catch a hundred balls this year) Vereen. I continued to add wr and rb depth and still came away with someone I believe can be a top end qb in Matt Ryan in the 7th round. I was very happy with my draft, and the value seemed higher for me because of some Owners drafting their team’s favorite players in the first couple rounds. You can love Russell Wilson all you like, I love the fact that you love him so much he was a first rounder!!

The second draft was in a very competitive league with keepers. My keepers from last year were Jimmy Graham and Le’ Veon Bell. Our league has a clause where you can replace a keeper before the draft because of injury or suspension. After Bell decided to hot box the car on the way to the airport, I quickly exchanged Bell for Gio Bernard. I had waffled all year on which second year running back to keep so maybe fate stepped in. This draft has a different set up of available talent with all the keepers factored in. I love the potential of Andre Ellington this year. I took Ellington and Antonio Brown to start the draft. With keepers being in play in this league for future years I added value to certain young players that might have added upside in the future. I love Carlos Hyde as he replaces Frank Gore in SF. I probably selected him a round or 2 too early but it was a mist do in my mind. It’s important to find players who have value, but breakout value with an injury in their favor is even more enticing.

After week 3 of the pre season here are some thoughts I have.

Sam Bradford wasn’t a top flight qb option but his injury sure kills the value of any thought of breakout wrs for the Rams. While it will probably help the rbs with extra carries I don’t see how being even more one dimensional can be a good thing at all.
Eli Manning completed a couple balls, but you can’t feel comfortable with any of the Giants offensive players after the ridiculously bad pre season that unit has had. Even though Rashad Jennings has looked good he still plays for Tom Caughlin who kills rb value on a yearly basis.

Reggie Bush is very fast. I have loved Bush in the past and I think he has more value than many are giving him. But drafter beware, he is often hurt, Bell will get his goal line carries, and yes he cost me a title by not playing in Philly last year at the last moment.

Wes Welker has another concussion. You can share the headache if you have already drafted him.

The Eagles might have lots of offensive weapons, looks like there will be enough points to go around to.

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