Fantasy Football Time!

USN_Football_1_200x11213 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!  That’s the estimated cost of fantasy football on the economy during the season.  Oh the time and effort, the trash talk, the waiver wire watching, they all add up.  13 BILLION is just a monetary number.  That doesn’t take into account the fights with wives and girlfriends who just don’t understand the allure of the fantasy football.  BUT I AM HERE FOR YOU!!

I am not a fantasy football expert, but I can help.  I have paid for my March Madness trip to Vegas with fantasy football winnings for 7 straight years.  I win often. I am also obsessed and I have close to 15 teams a year.  I take advantage of insomnia and being single to provide you with great fantasy insight.

This year I am living by the philosophy survive the crazy. There are very few sure things in fantasy life.  Many people believe the philosophy of stud RB is a must, but the lack of feature back running backs is changing fantasy every year.  This year there are less than 10 feature back running back situations. Does that raise the value of the feature back, one would think yes but NO!!!!!  Say you owned Adrian Petersen last year, he goes down week 16.   Are you lacking hope, nope you pick up Matt Asiata and boom huge fantasy week against the Eagles.

Here is my question, if you own Megatron or Jimmy Graham do u have hope when he misses a game?  NOPE.  Running back is a position where you can quantify the number of touched or opportunities that a player will get.  Wide receiver and Tight end are not.  In the Chinese Fantasy football calendar I would call this the year of the Chaos.  There will be running backs flowing through the universe of the waiver wire that will get 15+ touches in a fill in roll as the running backs fall off.  Pick the irreplaceable, plan for the Chaos. Chaos will happen, not preparing will ruin your season.

  • Don’t reach for running backs
  • Draft to win this year, even in a keeper league
  • Draft for value not based on position
  • It’s ok to be a fan, draft off your favorite team…..after round 7

There is an intro to me and a lil knowledge.  Follow me twice a week for recaps on Tuesday when the season starts, and on Friday with ways to set up your team for the weekend.  Ill also have a couple more thoughts on drafts as we hit the heavy draft season.


  1. What is your suggestion if I can’t be there for the draft and it defaults to an auto draft? Do I still have a chance?

  2. There is always a chance. If you fill out an effective rankings list before you have a chance at maximizing your value with your picks and not worrying about position. While being at the draft is ideal, it doesn’t ruin your season

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